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We are a local infrared sauna supplier based on the Gold Coast of Australia. Leon Howarth the managing director and owner of Hyper Wellbeing Saunas first got involved with infrared saunas nearly 10 years ago as a means for caring for his partner with serious health issues. Leon has a Mechanical Engineering background and was able to incorporate a very specific wavelength of Near Infrared heat into his saunas that no one else in the industry is doing.

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Why choose a Hyper Wellbeing Infrared Sauna

Nearly all Infrared saunas use Far Infrared, a wavelength of invisible light used to heat the air in the sauna to make you sweat.  When you sweat this is your body’s cooling system to prevent your core from heating up, therefore the resulting heating of the core and body tissues from such saunas is actually only quite shallow.

We add a Pure Near Infrared light to our saunas and have patents pending on our technology of a very specific wavelength heating system proven to effectively penetrate deep with the body to heat far deeper than traditional saunas can heat thus offering added and unique benefits standard infrared saunas simply can’t offer.